The National Museum - Architecture

Sand in the Machine. The National Museum at the Teknisk Museum

Rolf Groven, Karl Erik Nilsen, Ola Enstad, Elena Engelsen, Wenche Gulbrandsen, Bjørn Barre, Børre Larsen, Pushwagner, Allora & Calzadilla, Jimmie Durham, Terje Bergstad, Marianne Heier, Kjartan Slettemark, René Buthaud, Lin Wang, Maia Urstad, Yngvild Fagerheim, Eline Medbøe, Irene Nordli
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The collaborative exhibition Sand in the Machine creates unexpected encounters between art and technology. Works from the National Museum’s collection have found their way into the displays at the Teknisk Museum, Norway’s national museum of science and technology, where they silently comment on, and sometimes challenge, the material around them.

The National Museum - Architecture


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