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Opening: Viriditas - The mystical in art

Sverre Malling, Päivi Laakso, Kornelia Remø Klokk, Taru Kallio, Linda Morell, Simone Hooymans, Astrid Mørland, Amalie Vestergaard Olsen, Tia Maria Taylor Berry, Käte-Elin Madsen
  • 18:00

In the time period 14.04–03.06.2023, Tegnerforbundet – The Norwegian Drawing Center presents the exhibition Viriditas – The Mystical in Art. In the exhibition we present ten artists who work with the mystical, magical and spiritual both as a theme and a method. The exhibition consists of drawing, installation, sculpture and video, and is curated by Esra Duzen and Tanja Thorjussen.

Image: Simone Hooymans. "Chapel of very small Creations". Animation. 2022.

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