Frido Evers / ASHEN

Frido Evers
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MELK is excited to present our first solo exhibition by the Dutch/Norwegian artist Frido Evers.

Frido Evers explores layers in search of moments of stillness and presence. Layers of meaning and layers of material have been emerging as a mode of operating in the last decade of his practice. This is maybe most visible in his collages where several pictures printed on acrylic glass and other materials are overlain and all kinds of settlements to the composition are added to that. The same technique is found in his installations as well.

Frido Evers (b. 1980) has a bachelor from the Academy for Art and Design, Hertogenbosch (NL) and he received a master’s degree at Kustakademiet i Oslo.



Opening hours

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  4. Thursday - Sunday12:00 - 16:00

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Hallings gate 5, 0170 Oslo
928 40 547