Kunstnernes Hus

Guided Tour (English)

Maia Urstad, Pearla Pigao, James Richards
  • 16:00

Explore our three summer exhibition together with one of our skilled guides! With Weaving Voices, Pearla Pigao explores sound through hypersensitive installations using textiles and water that react to the presence and movement of visitors throughout the skylight galleries. With Do You Hear That Whistling Sound? Maia Urstad invites us on a journey through our everyday soundscapes, reflecting on the transience of technology and the auditory traces we leave behind, becoming part of our collective subconscious. Additionally, immerse yourself in James Richards' exhibition in Our Friends in the Audience in the lower hall and cinema.

Our guides Evelin Sillén, Tina Kryhlmann, Hamid Waheed and Dariusz Wojdyga are artists themselves and convey the exhibitions in an entertaining and accessible way. This tour will be held in English.

Find more information on https://kunstnerneshus.no/en/program/events/apen-omvisning-sommer-engelsk

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