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Constellations (Powder)

Morten Andersen, Daniel Peder Askeland, Jo Bentdal, Charlotte Fugeli, Mattias Härenstam, Christian Houge, Hennie Ann Isdahl, Per Maning, Elin Melberg, Jo Michael de Figueiredo, Martin Schreiner, Edith Spira, Ingeborg Stana, Johan Söderström, Morten Viskum, Tine Poppe, KC Tidemand
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Constellations (Powder) is a collective presentation by a group of artist who, in their own way, are able to touch, surprise and create wonder in the viewer.The exhibition contains works in various techniques within media such as photography, painting, drawing, and textiles. Buer Gallery is excited to open its doors to a wide variety of visual delights and Christmas eye candy! Welcome to the opening on 112 at 18.00 - 20.00.DJ Irma plays (with hints of Christmas).

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