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Commonplace / KHiO QuARTerly at Akademirommet

Carmel Hafiz Alabbasi, Mohammed Aljabali, Victoria Alstrup, Vilja Askelund, Julie Barfod, Åsa Båve, Thyra Dragseth, Lova Hiselius, George Seamus McGoldrick, David Fransesco Noro, Signe Greve Persson, Øystein Jørstad Qviller, Klara Josefin Rosenlund, Sondre Røe, Taylor Alaina Liebenstein Smith, Sanna Sønstebø, Isak Ree Torgersen
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The exhibition takes as its starting point a series of one-on-one studio visits we held with each other with the idea of generating new understandings of one another's work. Alongside these traces of one-to-one dialogues, our works in progress from the past year have come together to weave a new network of relations — a chain of dialogues that starts within and extends beyond the walls of the Academy — one that we hope will become commonplace. May 16: 19:00-21:00. May 18 & 19: 12-16:00

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